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Community Service Opportunities

Two kittens in a cage at the pound.Whether your passion is animal rights, the environment, elderly care, gay rights, or any number of other interests, you can help the cause by finding and participating in community service opportunities in your local area.

There are millions of animals in shelters that could benefit from your love and kindness. Animal shelters retain a permanent staff, which are paid by the shelter. Even with this, volunteers are welcome in most animal shelters to both help exercise, walk, and entertain the animals. Even though they are in a shelter, they still need stimulation and regular human contact to help keep their spirits up. Animals that are not regularly socialized can develop personality disorders.

Barack Obama during a speech.Many people dedicate their time to help a cause they truly believe in. President Barack Obama has challenged every American to get involved to help put the country back on track.

To that end, the government has set up a website dedicated to community service opportunities. is a portal to help Americans find community service opportunities in their local area. Just type in a keyword and your zip code to find organizations in your area that need help fighting for the cause.This will show you everything from one-day volunteer opportunities to regular weekly positions.

Environmental issues give rise to many community outreach programs. Everything from picking up trash to cleaning up a local park needs volunteers to help do the work. Most cities don't have the manpower to do things like clean up things likes parks and nature areas. Many groups do environmental volunteering to help clean up problem area, eliminate graffiti from walls, and help improve the overall look and quality of their neighborhoods.

Another good resource is There are over 50,000 community service opportunities to choose from, one is sure to touch your heart and inspire you to help in whatever way possible.

Community service opportunitiesElderly care is one way you can help your local community. Nursing homes and hospitals all welcome volunteers, even if it's just to visit. The elderly need company, and several people volunteer at places like these to help run various arts and crafts, help with exercise programs, or just to sit and chat with people.

No matter your age, income, or lifestyle everyone has something to offer. Look for community service opportunities in your area today. Volunteering can help to improve the overall quality of your neighborhood and general community. Even if it is only a few hours a week, every little bit helps.

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