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Episcopal Community Services

The acts of community service have been, throughout the generations, a constant effort in giving to those who are in need. As time has progressed, those same services have expanded profoundly through the geographical charts of city, state, nation, and international levels. The Episcopalian church has, for one, made it their top priority in making sure that these community efforts in their areas stay true and flourish. For many, they are given the chance of a lifetime to make a change in a person's life, and in so, are doing their effort anywhere they can to make a difference for the better.

The Episcopalian offer numerous community services that many of their congregation can be involved with. What a person learns about these services along the way is that they don't have to a member of the church in order to donate their time in helping. The church acknowledges what services are needed around their neighborhoods, and make an effort in providing them. Since their involved efforts, the church's community service efforts have gone quite noticed and have been able to make their service national programs for people to be involved with. The services that the Episcopalian offer to their community range from soup kitchens, outreach programs for adults and children, and weekend programs for children. All of these services are now known to have helped millions throughout the nation.

Their food services consist of volunteers, as well as, other interested people, donating food to their programs. What food they accept solely depend upon the donator. These programs will accept canned food, baked goods, cooked food, and snacks. Their food program breaks down into several different type of services. There is a program that allows for volunteers to walk through the surrounding neighborhoods handing out food to people at shelters and orphanages. The majority of the food they hand out through this service consists of fruit, vegetables, and any type of canned food. When people volunteer for a service such as this, their time to give is left up to them. A person is allowed to volunteer as much as they have available.

The kitchen services is where more of the baked and cooked food have more of a role. Involved with this program are nearly 200 volunteers, ranging from students, family members, congregation members, and chefs. All of these people play their part in offering meals to children during school, hot meals to families and the elderly during the day and evening. Set up either inside or outside the church, depending on the weather, volunteers gather around and begin to distribute cooked meals to all those that line up. What these hungered people get aside from meals goes beyond anything, they also receive smiles. On the weekend, their program focuses on providing a hot breakfast for all those that are interested. Everyone from children, the elderly, friends and family make their way down to the Episcopal church to enjoy great food coupled with great company. If there is an interested volunteer who wants to take their services to the next level, there are inside programs that allow the volunteers to become trained chefs.

If a person wants to receive more, in depth, information about what these programs further entail, they should talk to one of the program heads of the service. A person wanting to volunteer can give any time they want. The commitment to volunteer is as much of a commitment as they want to make it. Some volunteers have been able to do such services, and still maintain their school and work life. The benefits that volunteers receive from community services, such as these, are exponential, for it helps to build experiences that will later help them along in their own lives.

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