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What is Community Service

Community service is the long held tradition of working without pay in order to serve the common good. In essence, we're talking about helping others either directly or indirectly in order to make the world a little bit of a better place. Often times, community service is different from other volunteer organizations because it is focused on one local issue rather than trying to save the world or focusing on larger problems. The whole premise of community service is based on the idea that it is a good thing to give of yourself without expecting anything in return, and that if everyone gives a little in their local community, the world can become a better place a little bit at a time. The real beauty of serving your community is that you get to help others, and in the end, it helps you too to have a stronger community with happier people. There are many reasons people do community service and there are many different ways in which to participate, but all of them share the common theme of making the world around you a better place without being compensated financially.

Of all the reasons people do community service, some are voluntary and some are mandatory. Some people like to do community service because they simply feel that it's the right thing to do. Whether you come from a life of privilege or if you've had it a little rough, there is always someone who could use your help and your time, and for many, this is reason enough to work at giving back to their community. Many people emphasize community service as an essential part of citizenship or American values, while others emphasize that community service is a tenant of their religious devotion. Still others do community service in order to fulfil requirements for certain organizations, as a pre-requisite to graduating from certain educational institutions, or even as a legal punishment assigned by judges in lieu of or in addition to prison time or fines for non-violent minor crimes. The idea behind this is that the courts can find a way to punish offenders while still benefiting the community and perhaps offering law breakers a reminder or two about what it means to be a law abiding citizen, which is a reason that community service is often the sentence applied to juvenile offenders in lieu of more serious forms of punishment.

Whatever the reasons or motivations behind community service, it is important to remember that community service itself takes on many forms. From something as simple to taking out trash on the side of the highway once a month to working every day as a tutor to help kids at a local school become more proficient in their learning, there are a lot of different ways to make your community a better place. Common forms of community service include beautification efforts such as picking up trash or completing landscaping work, while many others are centered around education or childcare wherein volunteers can work with kids to try to further their learning, or else just to keep them safe and off the streets while their parents work.

These are only a few of the kinds of people that engage in community service, and only a few of the methods by which to do so. If you want to serve your community, there are countless organizations which can be found through your religious institution, local school, local government office, or local charitable programs. One thing that all community service has in common is that all communities can always use more help, so if you're willing and able, odds are there's a community service opportunity out there for you.

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